Computerized Tests & Strategies for Better Performance

Although there are still plenty of old-fashioned paper exams being given today, more than ever, schools and testing organizations are offering computerized exams. That’s because computerized exams are not only easier for those taking the tests, but for those grading them also.

You’re Certified – What’s Next?

If you’ve just become fitness certified, chances are you’re feeling pretty excited about what’s ahead. You’re all ready to begin your new career in the fitness field and are looking forward to all that it brings.

Time Limits

Don’t let the fear of a time limit on at test make you feel frozen in time or like you can’t do well on it. The time limit isn’t a punishment but usually it has to do with allocating class time, to offer everyone the same chance of success, and other factors. You can reduce […]

Test Anxiety

It can seem like you have failed when you don’t do well on a test. That can cause a never ending cycle for you of test anxiety. This is the fear of not being able to do well on a test. As a result, it can cause someone to procrastinate about studying and preparing for […]

How to Answer Multiple Choice

When it comes to answering multiple choice questions, there are some things you can to raise your score. First, you need to be well prepared for the test. By studying daily for the test, even for 20 minutes a day, you can get ready. Try to really challenge yourself with the use of flash cards. […]

How to Answer Multiple Choice

There are several factors to take into consideration when you are going to answer multiple choice test questions. If the test is timed, you need to make sure you pace yourself so that you can get through all of the questions. Go to the end of the test and see how many questions there are. […]

Mental Preparation for a Test

The mind is very powerful, but you have control over your thought process. When it comes to tackling any test, your mental preparation is very important. This extends far beyond just studying. It also means believing in what you can do and not allowing anxiety or fear of failure to win the battle. With some […]

Don’t Forget to Remember These Memorization Strategies

There is no such thing as a person who does well with studying who does not do well with memorization. The two are practically synonymous (After all, how can you study for a test without memorizing the facts that will be on the test?). The good news: There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of strategies that […]

Making Study Goals

You have to make a conscious choice when it comes to studying. This is the only way to really do well in school. You have to do it as the courses move along too, not just right before a test or quiz. The more organized you are and the more focused you are with studying, […]

In The Test Room

The idea of the test room can stir up feelings of anxiety and stress for many individuals. Being able to successfully combat those types of feelings is very important. Eliminating the unknown can often be a great way to feel in control. For example, going to that test room in the days before the test […]